Engine burning oil

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I have a 96 Sebring Convertible. The engine is burning oil and nearing the end of its life. I had this confirmed by a mechanic. (his words were something like, "the engine is dying"). As long as the engine oil level is maintained appropriately, what happens to the engine? Does is lose power? Start running rough? Etc... I am aware of what will happen if the oil runs out.

I'm not going to replace the motor or have it overhauled. The car has too many other issues to make it worthwhile. I intend to drive it until the engine dies or the amount of smoke out the tailpipe blocks my view to the rear...it's already impressive when the gas is hit.



Hi Steve, It looses power as the compression drops and also loses mileage efficiency. But otherwise it can continue on until it may be difficult to start. You have it pretty well sized-up. You can reduce the oil burning by moving up the weight of the oil that you use by one or two steps.


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