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QUESTION: Hi Roland, I have a 2002 Chrysler 300M with a 3.5 engine.I got two trouble codes up on mileage gauge.PO172 & PO113.In my Haynes manual it tell me the 172 code is- 1/1 Fuel System Rich-- A rich airfuel mixture has been indicated by an abnormally lean correction factor.How do I fix that? The 113 code says-Intake air temp sensor voltage high- Intake air (charge) temperature sensor input above the maxmium acceptable voltage.I put a new sensor on it but the same code came up again so what do I do with that? Thanks Ron

ANSWER: See follow-up question and answer below... Hi Ron, Because the intake air temp (charge) sensor readings are used by the pcm to adjust the fuel injector pulse length and thus the mixture, I would start by trying to correct that fault code and ideally it would correct the 172 code by doing so. I believe in '02 that you have a separate pcm and tcm so I reference to the '99 mnanual that I have about the wiring of the sensor. You can verify that the pcm has 2 plugs each with 40 pins rather than it having 4 plugs with 38 pins in each which I believe began in '03. If that is the case then the sensor is actually 2 sensors in one: the air temp and the manifold absolute pressure sensor and has 4 wires. Let me know if this assumption is not correct for you '02. One of the wires is a common ground wire for it an several other sensors and is black/light blue and on pin A of the sensor socket. That wire should be at ground potential and should be continuous from the plug to pin 43 at the one of the pcm plugs. The signal wire from the sensor is black/red from pin B of the plug at the sensor to pin 37 of the other plug at the pcm. So check that wire for continuity. Also with the ignition 'on' check to see that the wire doesn't read 12V either as that would be short to battery voltage. Either the signal wire being 'open' or shorted to 12v would cause the 172 code. The other possility is that the ground wire is 'open' to pin 43 at the pcm. If all that proves to be correct then the only other explanation for the code would be a bad sensor or a bad pcm. Once the 113 is no longer present, see if the 172 has also disappeared. If not, then there are many reasons for that which would best be addressed by my forwarding the trouble shoot page for it via attaching a half dozen pages to an email that I would send to you directly. But see if you can solve the 113. Let me know if you have pcm with 4 38-pin plugs and then I will give you the alternate pin connections to the intake air sensor. Roland

Question: I'm e-mailing you because I have a bracket that I have no idea where it goes or what it does. I hope you can help me ID it.

Also you have been trying to help me with some codes on my 2002 Chrysler 300M by the way the bracket is from the same car.

The 172 code is gone now but I still have the 113 code I did all I could to check out what you said but it still comes up. I had already changed the MAP senor. Is there anyway to clear the code and start fresh. Also the engine will not rev up over approximately 4000 rpm I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks Ron

Answer: I can't ID the bracket without some idea of where it came from. To clear the memory of the fault codes just disconnect the battery for a minute. You will only show a 1698 which says you disconnected the battery but the 113 should be gone. Then see if it comes back again. The code is about the intake air temp sensor, so did you change that out? And if so did you check all the wiring I listed above? That would be how to correct it if it comes back. Roland

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QUESTION: What about the fact that the engine will not rev up over approximately 4000 rpm I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks Ron

ANSWER: I would need to know a new fault code to offer any advice about that.

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QUESTION: How do I get a new fault code I have disconnected the battery several times and the only code that comes up is 113. Could a bad air intake sensor cause it not to rev up over 4000 rpm? I don't believe it would have anything to do with it, but my Parkinson's has done a number on my memory and it's hard to figure things out. Thanks Ron


Hi Ron, Once you erase the codes, one more time, then you should only have a 1698. Then drive and see if the 0113 code reappears and if it does and you haven't checked out the wires of change the air temp sensor then I would do so. If that sensor or its circuit were faulty it would cause an erroneous fuel/air mixture which could very well limit the rpms. So get rid of the 0113 and then see whether the rpm issue is also resolved. Roland


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