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I have a program onthat uses a macro to update values throughout the day from a website. It has been running fine for about a year and a half, with minor issues here and there. I am finally stumped on this. When I open thedoc and run the program it gets through about 3 pages of the 100+ updates and just stops. If I try to do anything else it gives me an error message of "Not Enough Memory" (which it has done in the past...usually click okay and continue)...I'm fairly certain there is enough memory. Sometimes when I close the doc, it tells me that there was an error, do I want to send a report to Microsoft...I have tried to "recreate" the macro from scratch, but the same thing continues to happen.


Without seeing the file I couldn't help, and that kind of error is ofter a lot of trial & error to see where the possible memory leak is. In any case, I have no skill set if usingto speak to the web. Do your macros live in very large modules? If so, try breaking the code up into smaller module size (spread it over several modules)-- often can be the culprit.


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