Esq wristwatch stopped

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Mr. Mills,

My son's ESQ brand watch stopped, so I assumed that it needed a battery since it was 2 years old at Christmas. I put a new battery in and it still is stopped. It sounds like it is ticking. I can pull out the stem and push it back in, which makes the second hand twitch, but not index to the next second. My question is, is this common? Should I throw it in the trash? I have no way to test the old/new batteries. Maybe a weak new battery? I should mention that the inside workings were shiny, clean, and dry. Thanks for your advice. Mark



No, that is not common. You shouldn't have that kind of problem after 2 years either.

Try a new battery first. If that doesn't work, bring it to a jeweler and ask them to use a machine to spin the hands to dislodge any debris that might have gotten in the gears.

If it is trying to move then it might be a piece of dust that got in the movement.

Depending on the how much sentimental value, it might not be worth taking it any further than that. It will probably cost between $50 and $70 dollars to get a complete servicing.


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