Excel- formula for coverting dd:hh:mm to hh:mm

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I am doing timekeeping and our Departments system runs in the DD:HH:MM format, but have requests from outside agencies requesting HH:MM format.  Would you explain in as much detail as needed - how to achieve this in Excel 2007?  My current time examples are: 50:00:55 %26 30:01:13.   Dave


IF the data you get is a true value then all you need to do is choose a different (and the appropriate) format so that the time "looks" like you want it to look. Hard to tell from your examples if the data is a true value. As soon as you apply a different format to the cell where the data is then you will know if that data is a true value. If it is then it will look like the new format you chose.

Here is an example of what what I mean by a true value.

Type 10.25 in a cell. Apply a date format to that cell and it will display 1/10/1900

Next, apply a time format to that cell and it will display something like 6:00 A.M.

6:00 AM comes from the .25 of the number, which means a quarter of a day has elapsed and that means 6:00 A.M.


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