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Using Microsoft2003-

I have a invoice list with Colunms A to Z. Data is in rows from 2 to as many invoices come in (right now there are about 3500). Column S is for Date sent to manager for payment, Column U is for Date Received payment from manager and Column T is for # of days outstanding since (Column R - date sent to manager). So Colunm T has a formula (=DATEDIF(S1252,TODAY(),"d")&"days").

What I want is to find a formula that highlights the whole row red if in Column T in the row equals 30 or more days.

I've tried Cond. Formatting (Formula is =$T2>29, but it randomly highlights rows.


The formula that you have will create a text field, and the condition is looking for a number. In this way, unpredictable results may occur. My suggestion would be to change the formula to: =DATEDIF(S1252,TODAY(),"d") And if you still want to show thedays, use a custom format like: 0" Days" This will present the"Days" after the number, while keeping it as a numeric value.


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