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Using2003. I have an employee schedule spreadsheet with days of week (Sat thru Fri)across top and shift times (start times and end times)in a column along left hand side. Within each cell of the matrix is an employee's name. I want to display a spreadsheet with days of the week across top (same as in original sheet), with the employee name in a column down the left hand side. Inside the matrix would be the employee start and end time for their shift for the respective day of the week. This way the employee can look up their name and see their shift for the week. With the existing spreadsheet they must look at almost every cell because their shift days and hours might change from week to week. How can I do this "swapping" of cell values/content withinusing Pivot Table or some other formula or macro. My boss insists on using the original spreadsheet since she can see how each shift is scheduled, but the employees find it hard to read and sometimes do not show up to work because they read the schedule wrong.



You didn't ask me this question - I saw it in the question pool. If you want to send me a sample workbook with your data and include your question in the email I am sure I can provide you the formula you need (indicate where you want the new table)

Of course you may have asked multiple experts and already have an answer. If that is the case, then excuse my intrusion.


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