Excel and the number zero

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QUESTION: How can I stop zero from disappearing? My column requires subdivision numbers which frequently begin with the number zero.

ANSWER: May I know how does your figure looks like? (Something like 0001231?) and what causes it to disappear?

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QUESTION: Yes, always 6 numbers that frequently begin with zero. Ex. 061800 becomes 61800.....the only solution I have found so far is to substitute the letter o for the numeral 0 to keep the zero from going poof?!? I am creating a huge data chart that may be better input in atable- however I am not good with Word....yet....norfor that matter....


I think you have to format your cells. To show 6 numbers in a cell with leading zero, right-click on the range of cells, Format Cells, choose Custom and under Type: 000000.

Also =TEXT(A1,"000000") formula will convert the cells to 6 digits with leading zero.

Could you let me know what is causing the leading zeros to disappear? Let me know if this solves your problem?


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