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Hi there I work for a healthcare company, and receive approx 700 emails each week, each one being from a separate nursing home, that havespreadsheet attachments that have to be saved into excel, and renamed, according to which nursing home has sent the email, eg home ABC needs to have its attachment renamed to ABC.xls. When the email arrives, the attachment can be called anything, eg Weekly report, Monday report, hours report or any combination of these. Do you know of any easy way to do this? At the moment I have to do a "file, save as" on every one, and it takes me about 2 days! I feel this is a very inefficient way of doing it, but dont know how to do it any differently.

Thanks Gail



take a look at this site and see if this will work for you:


If not, do a google search on vbaattachment

I am assuming your are usingsince that is referenced in your subject.


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