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QUESTION: I am using2007 and I need the color of certain cells to change 30 days prior to the date entered in the cell. For, example cell G3 contains only the date 9/30/10, how do I make that cell automatically turn red on 8/30/10?

ANSWER: You can use CONDITIONAL FORMATTING for this, which is much improved in Excel 2007. It's easy to do. Go to the Home tab, under the Styles group, and you'll see Conditional Formatting.

Here is an older tutorial I created to show you how to use CF in Excel 2003, but you should find it just as easy to use (if not easier) in 2007.

If you need more help, let me know.

Excel has a feature called Conditional Formatting that you can use to change the format (color, font, bold, etc.) based on the value of the cell.

See this FREE video tutorial on my web site for instructions on how to use Conditional Formatting.


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QUESTION: thank you for that. I have another question. How do I get information to propagate from one cell to another? For example, how would I get the data form cell C3 to appear in cell C3 of another tab?


Copy the cell, go to the new cell, right-click and select Paste SPECIAL then Paste LINK. That will paste a link to the original cell there and will keep it updated. Please ask any other different questions as a NEW question, not a followup.


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