Excel column capability

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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2014 09:29 PM GMT


Hi Aidan. we currently use2003. we are running into a problem in that we are finding that we are limited to 256 columns. is there a way of increasing column capability to at least 400 to this version or another version (that does not have the "ribbon" control bar likeor vista) that has at least a 400 column capability?


The version afterwas- and that's the first version that's gone up to the higher binary level (256 is 16 times 16 - a binary number!). So the short answer is no (I'm tempted to say the longer answer is NOOOOO but I won't!) - you WILL need to learn to love the ribbon (or adopt an add-in that brings back the menu) - it's the only way to have more than 256 columns on one worksheet (I mention that as a possible workaround is to use more sheets)


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