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formating problem

I've a spreadsheet that holds data imported from a database application and usually they need a little manipulation to allowto use the numbers correctly for totaling etc. In the particular sheet in question the numbers appear as $323 etc normally I would delete the leading $ character to leave just the number remaining and then format the number as US$ and everything works but in this case the sheet (not protected) does not reflect any of the changes I've made and does not show the corrected formatting or enable the correct result for any formulas i.e. on summing shows 0 despite all efforts to convert to numbers from text. the data looks like numbers in the cells i.e. right aligned would appreciate any suggestions to correct the data I presume it is some type of formatting error but may be something entirely different can send a sample if would help

Many Thanks Trevor



you picture you show show a number like 140 600

that will not be recognized as a number inunless you remove the space so it is 140600

hopefully it is that simple.

otherwise you will need to send the file and I can take a look at it


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