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Hi- I am usingspreadsheet put together a times trial for cars. I need to find the speed by dividing distance traveled by time. How do I put this into a formula for multiple cars with different times? Thank you for your help.



assume you have you headers in row 1 of the cells specified below

A1: Car ID B1: time C1: Distance D1: Speed

so in D2 you would put


then select d2 and copy the cells.

Select d3 and all the cells below D3 that need the formula and then paste. that should fill column D with the speeds for each car listed. If that isn't what you want, post back with a specific example including where the information is located.

if you wanted the average speed for multiple cars in this situation, you would go to the next blank cell in column B and do (assume that is in Row 20

B20: =sum(B2:B19) C20: =sum(C2:C19) D20 =C20/B20

so you can just add up the total distances and the total times and do the division with the sums to get speed.


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