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I am having trouble getting my if statement to work. Here is what I have IF(AND[JOB STATUS]="FT",[YRS EMPLOYED]>=1,5,IF[JOB STATUS]="FT",[YRS EMPLOYED]<1,3,IF(OR([JOB STATUS]="PT",[YRS EMPLOYED]>=1.5,3),0))) The Full time statement is working, but the part time is returning a 3 for all and if less than 1.5 years should be returning 0.


You haven't said what the logic is, but the formula appears to have brackets in the wrong place - I'm guessing

IF it is FT and employed for 1 year or more, then 5 else if FT and employed less than 1 year then 3 if Pt time or service greater than 1.5 years then 3


The actual logic as above will help in confirming the actual order of brackets but


is the sort of order of brackets I'd expect.


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