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I have a pivot table with one column that represents #of Leads, the next column represents the #of Sales.... I would like another column which is the #of Sales / # of Leads - Each time I use Formulas, I can't figure out what to do, when I just do the compute in the cell, it works, by if you add another row, it doesn't readjust. I appreciate your assistance. Monte


I'll assume you're using2007.

Select any cell in pivot table. From the very top of thewindow, choose Pivot Table Tools. Under Tools, select Formulas, Calculated Field. Usint the Insert Calculated Field popup, select "Sales" from the Fields list and click Insert Field. Then in the formula bar of the popup type in a "/" and then click "Leads" in the Fields: list and again click Insert Field button. Your Formula: box of the Insert Calculated Field popup now shows:


click OK. A new field will appear in your pivot table; it will be Sales/Leads.


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