Excel problem..

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i fill my first column ranging from 1 to 100 and the values in the second column depend upon those in first column. say whenever the values in first column are 5,15,25,35 or 70 the values in column 2 should be red. and whenever the values in col 1 are 10,20,30,40,80 the values in col 2 should be blue. you can think of col 1 as house numbers in a locality and col 2 as their colour. i have to daily fill up the building no. for different repair works say one day for plumbing, electrical, etc so i dont want to fill up their colors everyday... there should be a way to do it with formulae... i want to do it without macros...vba etc .. with simple conditional statements...pl help me to simplify my problem. === Answer ===

I need to know what version ofyou're using -limits you to 3 colors using conditional formatting, andhas practically no limit, but the access to them are quite different, so I'd rather know the version before I get into the explanation.


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