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HI i have already formulated 4 sheets together, sheets 1,2n3 are all the materials for 3 different types of kit homes, the the 4th pages is the total of the materials,which works fine.now i would like to make this or develop a sales template, where the options are just to fill the # of items in them, then it gives the total,i know this is very general description, how ever if you have any suggestions or any more questions please contact me via email, many thanks,,



Assume in sheets 1, 2 and 3, the part number is in column B and the quantity of that part is in column F of the same row

Assume this is the same in the 4th sheet, but all part numbers are listed in column M and you want the quantities from the first three sheets totalled in column O

in O2 =sumif(Sheet1!B:B,M2,Sheet1!F:F)+Sumif(Sheet2!B:B,M2,Sheet2!F:F)+Sumif(Sheet3!B:B,M2,Sheet3!F:F)

then drag fill cell O2 down column O until you reach the last value in column M.

adjust the formulas to propery look at the right columns and sum the right columns.

Hopefully that is what you need is.


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