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I need help on anline chart. I've got data that represents daily numbers. These numbers have to be in range at all times. Example: 7/12/10 the Data was 6.4. The minimum range is 4, target is 6 and max range is 8. On the chart I need it to state the minimum range, target range and max range. I can make the standard chart with the data I just can't find out how to get the rest.


Various thoughts, but the easiest one that springs to mind would be to make the axis a fixed scale, and then use the drawing toolbar to put lines onto the chart at minimum, target and max values. The other option is to have a series of 4 values, where the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are min, target and max values - then graph this.

for charting solutions use http://www.peltiertech.com and http://www.andypope.info/charts.htm


I made ansheet to help my company keep up with chemical titrations. The sheet calculates the adds needed to keep the tanks at optimal levels. We use this same sheet everyday and just print off the adds needed. I would like to somehow make the sheet store the results daily and put them on a chart for viewing. I can send you the sheet if necessary. It's been a work in progress for some time.


Chris Terrell,

that would require a macro that you run each day. If still interested, then show me where you want the data stored and how you want the data stored.

I assume you can create the chart, but if you want to use dynamic ranges so that the chart expands everyday when the new data is added, then put in some sample "Old" stored data and create the chart and I will modify the chart to use a dynamic range.


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