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I've created a simple chart with two data series, scatter chart option. The problem is that although the data points graph correctly, I can't getto connect the data points with lines. I go to Format Data Series, select "Automatic" or "Custom" instead of "None" for lines, but the program refuses to draw the lines. Any suggestions?

The chart graphs two data series over a 22 day period, six data points per series spread over the period, X axis is days, Y axis is cm ranging from 0.5 to 8cm.



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when you select chart type, when you select Scatter, it should give you several (5) options for "Chart sub-type:". One is just data points, one is straight lines, one is cuved lines, one is straight lines and data points, one is curved lines and data points. Make sure you select one with lines. These are pictures over to the left side.

But even if you selected just data point as the initial subtype, if you select a series and right click on it and choose Format Data Series . . .

If you click on automatic and it shows a visible line in the dialog (which it should), that works for me. Or you can make specific choices (custom). You say you have tried both. (you need to do each data series separately and make sure all data points in the series are selected - the default behavior)

I can not think of another option where the data points would be visible and the lines would not be visible if you selected Automatic or Custom and you used a color that contrasted with the background.

I am certainly willing to take a look if you want to send me your file

< some added thoughts >-----

I carefully reread your post and you said you had a 22 day spread with 6 data points per series spread across this period. If you have 22 dates (or less, but much more than 6) in your input data so you have blank cells in each series, this could be the cause (I assumed you had only 6 rows of data with 6 dates spanning a 22 day period and each date having data. Anyway, the more numerous dates with blank cells is the case, then select your chart and go to Tools=>Options and select the chart tab. For the "Plot empty cells as" section, choose Interpolated rather than zero or blank and hopefully that will solve your problem. Using those options and the spaces in the data I could reproduce your problem.


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