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QUESTION: In one worksheet i am pointing a cell to read the data in another worksheet in the same file. example ='Contract Review'!H4 However, in the above example the cell that is supposed to display the data retrieved from 'Contract Review'!H4 will only display the text ='Contract Review'!H4 What can be wrong.? I have other cells with a similar link format and some are OK and will display the data but others are not OK and have the same problem. Any idea's please...

ANSWER: The cell with the reference is formatted as text. Reformat it as general (shortcut: ctrl/shift/~) then re-enter it. OR the entire sheet is set to display formulas not values. Tools/Options/View tab/Window Options/Formulas - deselect that.

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send me the workbook - send to bobumlas@Yahoo.com, use subject of "AllExpertsQ" and redescribe the issue.


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