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QUESTION: I am using2007, I have an issue while trying to share a workbook at work. When I click on the Share Workbook button, the Share Workbook window opens with (Exclusive) next to my name. After I have that window's options the way I want them and close it a few info pop-ups open and the last one says that the workbook is no longer shared. I have a cowoker that I share this workbook with does not get the message and when I open the workbook after he has set it to share it works fine. Can you help, please?

Thank you, Joseph

ANSWER: Joseph,

I don't use the sharing feature at all, but just yesterday (quite a coincidence), someone sent me this snippet:

FYI ~ You¡¯re probably aware of this, but there appears to be a problem in07 possibly caused by the last security update ~ KB 978382 (Security Update for MS Office2007). There has been some on-line discussion I found also. The existing problem is on Network drives, when you now click to share a file you get this error _ ¡°File is no longer shared¡±. The work around appears to be saving the file to your desktop, then under Track Changes, click Highlight changes which prompts you to save. At that point, you transfer the file to the share drive. Hoping Microsoft puts in a fix for this¡­

That would lead me to believe that you have applied the mentioned security fix or it was applied to your computer and not to your co-workers. Usually in a Company, the IT people control this, but perhaps not at your company. At least for you, what is described above seems to match your description perfectly. So I guess the ball is in Microsofts court to fix the problem. In the meantime, the snippet says to work with the file locally to make the setting changes (move it to your C drive, make the setting changes, then copy the file out to the network with the settings already made).

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QUESTION: I appreciate you assistance!




I would guess that is true although I haven't seen the documentation on the glitch. for the security fixes themselves:

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/978382 - for2007

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/980150 - for2003

I suspect that his version didn't get the fix (or less likely) it doesn't cause the problem in xl2003.

I didn't run across any offical documentation from Microsoft on this detrimental side affect, but they may be slow in comming out with it or I just need to look harder.


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