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I've created a workbook which contains a page which will store Church Members and Visitors (Contacts), a page which will be used to input and calculate tithes and offerings as well as specify the ID number and name of the giver(Giving)and a page which I am using as a 'key' to store the data tables I've used for drop down boxes in each of the other two pages. I am using a drop down list to select ID numbers and I want the chosen ID number to cause the Name which corresponds with that ID number to auto-populate in the Name field. Is there a way for me to attach the ID numbers I have created in my Contacts page to the Names I've created in the Contacts page so that it is reflected when the corresponding ID number is selected in the Giving page?



You didn't ask me this question. I Found it in the question pool. It is dated the 24th of July, but just appeared there today. Since it is fairly old, you may already have an answer.

If in contacts you have

ID Name

then you can retrieve the name with

assume an ID is in cell B3 of another sheet and you want the name in C3. In C3 =IF(B3="","",IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(B3,Contacts!A:A,0)),VLOOKUP(B3,Contacts!A:B,2,FALSE),"Invalid ID"))

If you data in contacts was like

Name ID

then the vlookup could be replaced with

Index(Contacts!A:A,Match(B3,Contacts!B:B,0),1) so the formula becomes =IF(B3="","",IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(B3,Contacts!B:B,0)),Index(Contacts!A:A,Match(B3,Contacts!B:B,0),1),"Invalid ID"))

If that doesn't answer the question, then send me a small sample workbook with some dummy data laid out appropriately and tell me exactly what you want.


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