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I am working with Windows XP,07, on a LAN.

My goal is to create a workbook with one sheet per each of my employees to update. Each sheet will probably have about 5-6 columns and indefinite rows as each sheet gets updated. Then I want to have a master document that has a copy of each sheet from the individual workbooks in it. Today I have to manually copy from each individual workbook to the master and I want this to happen dynamically whenever I open the master.

So I guess what I am asking is if there is a way to link to an entire sheet from one workbook to another without having to do it one cell at a time?


Yes, to answer your question, if in fact that is the question you wanted to ask since you were not sure what you wanted to ask ("...So I guess what I am asking is...")

Assuming you also meant to ask HOW and not just if there is a way then you can use a formula like:

=Sheet1!A1 in the master sheet assuming your data for one employee is in Sheet1

Copy and paste this as far down and to the right as you need for each employee

Or, write and run a macro


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