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This in continuation to a question and your answer here: Your answer was: =if((countif(G1:G5,"<1")+countif(G1:G5,">100"))>0,"Wrong Markings",if(countif(G1:G5,"<33")>1,"Fail","Pass"))

How to make the above formula to include this: If two cells contain"Absent" or one cell less than 33 and one cell "Absent" = Fail.


S. Nair,

=IF((COUNTIF(G1:G5,"<1")+COUNTIF(G1:G5,">100"))>0,"Wrong Markings",IF((COUNTIF(G1:G5,"<33")+COUNTIF(G1:G5,"Absent"))>=2,"Fail","Pass"))

so if any combination of two or more cells contain Absent or are <33 or a combination then fail


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