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i have 2 fans on a 98 chrysler concorde but only 1 will work causes car to over heat at times have replaced fuses and relays.and fan on inside doesnt work want blow cold or hot air.


Hi Travis, Each fan has its own separate plug, but they are identical. Pins 1 and 2 are ground leads (black wires) and pin 3 is low speed action (tan wire) and pin 4 is high speed action(light green). You could try switching the plugs to see if things remain the same which would suggest that the inoperative fan is defective (but do verify that its black wires are grounded) and similarly if now the opposite fan works when you switch plugs then there is a problem with the wiring on the non-working fan's plug. You also could check the voltage supply to the fan plugs when you turn on the AC which should initially turn on the low speed wire voltages and when the temp rises then the high speed wire voltages should come on. About the cabin blower: if you have a conventional heat/ac control panel, then check fuse 23 behind the dash, and then if that is ok check that you are getting 12v to pin 4 of the blower motor resistor block plug (dark green wire). If no speeds of the blower work then I would believe the blower motor is blown so check it by jumping 12v to pin 4 of the resistor block and ground pin 1 of the resistor block after removing the plug from the socket. It is located near to the blower motor under the dash on the right hand side and if you remove the silencer/duct at the lower edge of the dash you should then see the blower motor round housing and nearby the resistor block which has two wires connected to the blower motor which are ones you would jump as I described to check out the motor. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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