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If I have a list of names in Column A (now alphabetically) and another list in Column B (alphabetically), however not all listing from A are not in B. And what I wanted from Column C is to mark YES if the names from A is in B and NO if not in B. How do i make that argument with03. Ramil


You can use the VLOOKUP formula to help you get a YES and a #N/A.

First, you will need to insert a column between A and B and fill it with YES all the way down for values in A. Your Column C will now be Column D. So, assuming your data in Column B (now C) goes to 75 and Column A goes to 100. In cell D2 (assuming you have a header row)


Look up the value in C2, if you see a matching item in column A between 2 and 100, then return the item from the second column of A and B. Copy this formula down. For any value in column C that does not have a match, you will get a #N/A.



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