Fireplace glass, plus lung protection

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We have a fireplace insert with a glass window. (The fireplace box is small, because nothing bigger would be safe in our chimney.) It only takes a day or perhaps two of use before the glass gets all sooty and difficult to see through. It's not that hard to clean off but the stove has to be out --and thus the glass cold-- before the glass can be cleaned. It would be nice if the glass could stay cleaner longer.

My question: is there anything with which the glass could be coated that would prevent the soot from building up on the glass so quickly?

One additional question: we have a woodstove that sometimes, when the stove is getting started, will smoke up the house. I'm concerned about the long-term effects on the health of our lungs from our breathing the smoke during these episodes. As someone who apparently works a lot with sooty things, have you learned anything about how one can counter the negative effects of such exposure, and protect one's lungs?

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yes there is a way to keep the glass from sooting up it is air, most stove/inserts are built so that the air will "wash" over the glass to keep it clean so check your air intakes (the manual will show you how to clean this for your stove/insert) a far as the smoking goes, is the chimney clean? is the stove "Stopped down" (damper closed)? do you have a negative pressure issue in your home? if it is negative pressure try opening a door or window before you start the stove (or add wood) this way the house can breath and the stove can breath and you should have no smoke in the house.


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