Fireplace smoke shelf

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Hello, My contractor is building me an outdoor screened in area with an indoor and outdoor fireplace/ grilling pit. You can cook from either the inside or outside..after grilling we can build a fire to enjoy in or out..he called me today with a smoke shelf issue indicating that based on the build out of the structure, that the shelf may be difficult to build. Is this so called shelf first of all needed, secondly do you have an idea to accommodate....Dan T.


sounds like a great set up (I am not a big fan of cooking in fireplaces, be sure to have it checked every year by a chimney sweep there you can look up by zip code for one near you)

they make double sided fireplaces with out a smoke shelf with a central pivot damper and chains that hang down, I would say contact your local building department to see what they require in your area, they might  even be able to offer an idea that works for them.



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