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Many The code did exactly what I needed it to. However, one of the users has now found a new problem that only occurs when the macros are enabled.

Some of the columns have data validation on them so that users have to choose options from a drop-down list.

With macros enabled, when an option is selected, the eggtimer appears on screen, the spreadsheet switches itself to another worksheet and then an error message appears as follows:

"Microsofthas encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

The choices are to send an error report or not.

How can I overcome this?

Kind Kate



there is nothing in my code that selects a different sheet. There must be additional code in this workbook which is being triggered by making the selection in the dropdown. The best I could do is offer to look at the workbook and see if I can discover what is being fired by making such a selection. If you can send it to me at

be sure to tell me what version ofyou are using (2002 as I recall) and making a selection in what cell/cells is triggering the error.

That said, just having code run in a workbook generally doesn't cause that type of error. That error basically is sayingencountered a fatal error and can't continue. If the workbook is running fine in for other users, it could be something specific to that users computer. That can be cause by a corrupted .XLB file or any of a variety of other reasons including bugs in(this computer may not have the same updates applied as other computers). Those types of problems I can not debug remotely.

If I can reproduce the problem at my site, then I can possibly find a solution. If not, then the cause is an interaction between the workbook and that users environment - something I can not see.


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