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97 Chyrsler LHS code 22 was first question. By the way the code # was wrong that I gave you then.

Now I am dealing with my friend replaced the coolant sensor and the radiator fan will still not come on by itself without pulling out the fuse and putting it back in. Then it will run but not shut off till I turn car off.Also pressured and bled the coolant system

Ran code meter on it again. This time the codes are as follows: p 1490 and p443. I did notice that the ac compressor has ceased up. could this be what is causing the p1490 code(low speed fan control circuit).What if anything can be done about it? What is the problem with other code?

Thanks alot Roland, I appreciate your help in this matter.Yes I did do the survey on last question.



Hi Maggie, Thanks for the rating and nomination. If so-moved, you can do it again on this answer. The 0443 is about the fuel vapor purge solenoid circuit and is not involved in the fan issue. It is a simple 2-wire connection between the computer and the solenoid which if verified to be O.K. would suggest that the solenoid itself is faulty. It is part of the pollution control system. On the fan control, there are two large relays which power the fans called hi and lo speed located in the front power distribution box diagonally across from one another. My first suspicion would be that one of the relays is faulty. You could try switching the position of those two relays and if that modifies the function positively, e.g. you get low speed fan operation once again. Then buy one new relay and replace the high speed relay to see if you then get the two different stages of fan operation: low speed when first needed, then high speed as the temp gauge moves toward H. Otherwise it will be a matter of checking out the wires from the computer to the relays' actuation coils, and from the fuse and ignition switch to the relays using a volt-ohm meter. But my first suspicion is that one of the two relays is not actuating when asked or not making good electrical contacts internally. The compressor is not likely involved in the problem with the fans, but the fans are requested whenever the compressor is requested. The fan relays are in positions 2 and 4 and are the largest type. Don't substitute the third large relay located in position 3 because that is for the engine and it is not the issue.


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