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QUESTION: Multi-part question.

In my spreadsheet for current inventory, i have it set as =if(x-y<0,x+y,x-y) Is there any way to add another if statement to say, =if(x-y=0,"",x-y) without it being false because of the "circular formula"? I need to to be blank if it is equal to zero, but also need the formula to work if its not. I tried having another cell's formula repopulate the cell with this info, but it did not work, but i may have been doing it incorrectly.

Also, with it being inventory, once it gets to a "low" amount, i need it to send a certain email address a warning e-mail. The code i came up with was

Sub Mail_Outlook_Express()

   Dim Recipient As String, Subj As String, HLink As String
   Dim Recipientcc As String, Recipientbcc As String
   Dim msg As String
   Recipient = ""
   Recipientcc = ""
   Recipientbcc = ""
   Subj = "Inventory Low"
   msg = "Just a reminder" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
         "Inventory is dangerously low"
   msg = WorksheetFunction.Substitute(msg, vbNewLine, "%0D%0A")
   HLink = "mailto:" & Recipient & "?" & "cc=" & Recipientcc _
         & "&" & "bcc=" & Recipientbcc & "&"
   HLink = HLink & "subject=" & Subj & "&"
   HLink = HLink & "body=" & msg
   ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink (HLink)
   Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:02"))
   Application.SendKeys "%s"

End Sub

Now, what i cant figure out is how to create a macro to auto send this e-mail when a cell, or column is equal to or less than a certain amount. Or even if that email code is what i need for an auto e-mail. When it is run, it brings upand creates the message, but does not send it automatically.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: well done for working out a way of creating a mail - follow a mail hyperlink will indeed generate a mail message, but as you've found, not send it - see for a full description of how to code emails

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding so quickly Aidan, Unfortunately, it is not of much help. That website is the same site that showed me how to create and code that e-mail script. I am still having issues of how to automate it to run the script when a cell gets below 5000 units. The cell will reach the amount below 5000 when someone imputs an order reducing it to that amount. also creates a red highlight at 5000. can you help me with the macro and email script, or possibly direct me in the correct direction.


My apologies ¨C you will need to use the events on the worksheet- I think I would probably do Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If range(¡°YourCell¡±)<5000 then ¡®do the email ¨C does it need to test if one has already gone? End if End Sub

You can use format, conditional formatting to set the shading you want

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