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Time Sheet 2

QUESTION: I have created a time sheet to track my hours and wages. The time is entered and calculated in hours and minutes. I would like to calculate a year-to-date earnings. These accumulative year-to-date earnings must include overtime. I have placed a bunch of question marks in the cells that I want to calculate this figure. Please help.

Time Sheet

ANSWER: are the annual hours the same thing as YTD hours? are they right? they don't seem to be increasing in aggregate. also, none is over 40 hrs, or am I reading this picture right.

You could probably have some super complex formula to calculate hours, evaluate if overtime hours, then put a ytd earning, but honestly I would just add a column at this point to calculate NonOvertime Hrs and Overtime Hrs.

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QUESTION: Yes the annual hours is the YTD hours. Maybe I didn't explain what exactly i would like to do, sorry. I am not so concerned about separating the straight time and overtime hours, unless you recommend it to be that way. What I would like to do is create a YTD wages column. If needed I could create a weekly wage column & a YTD wage column. Both of these columns would be a dollar amount. These columns would be computed with straight time hours and overtime hours. I have uploaded a new picture of my time sheet.


Sorry I still am not really able to answer this without seeing your sheet I guess. I don't want to spend hours creating the entire sheet if you already have many of the columns calculating.

I believe you should separate overtime and nonovertime, in order to calculate your time and a half .. right?

Is overtime based on hours in a day or hours in a week? We should establish just one way to evaluate it.

can you send me a sample of the sheet you have to ipisor s at yahoo dot c0m

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