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QUESTION: I have several due dates I need to calculate based on a beginning date. For example, if the beginning date is 4/26/10, I need to know the date for 30 business days, 60 business days, 90 business days, and 12 months. Can I do this with excel?

ANSWER: All you need is WORKDAY function, But you need to activate first tool pack

Go to Tools - Add ins¡­ - tick Analysis Tool Pack and then Ok

Now you will have a WORKDAY available in your set of formulas

Lets say you have beginning day on A1, numbers of business days on B1, now just type in following formula


I use "-1" in the formula assuming is beginning day include, if not, just remove it from the formula

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks so much. What if I want every day to count but want the end result to be a work day?

Once I have the end date, is it possible to put that date on a calendar such asor even in the tasks from excel?


Use the same formula. Just delete the "-1" on it. It should work. You can even add an array of holidays to it.

Regarding the task inI am not familiar with any procedure that does that. But an IT expert might throw you some light, maybe using VB


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