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I'm by no means angenius, but I do have experience writing formulae. I've never come across this before. I have a column of data (column C) that's all in uppercase. I want to convert the values to propercase. So, in Column D (blank), I entered the following formula in the first row with data: =PROPER(C2). Normally when I hit enter this would compute, so if C2 contained the string MY NAME IS GEORGE, D2 would then contain My Name is George. However, the formula will not evaluate. It's just reading the formula as a string value. I've checked my options, and calculation is set to Automatic. I'm not sure what else to do here.


Whether have you fixed the problem?

-- Sixthsense

Select the D Column and and press Alt+E+A+F. Now place the cursor in D2 and press F2 and enter.

It's happening due to cells were formatted as text. so theconsidered the formula also like a text character. This can be resolved by clearing the format of the cell and giving F2 and enter will convert the text entry to formula and get you the result.


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