Formula to return the base interest rate on a given date

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I'm trying to find out how to havereturn Barclays Base Rate of interest for a list of dates.

I have the figures for the base rate and the periods for which these figures applied. (In two columns of data: 1) the start dates of each change in the interest rate figure, and 2) what that new figure is)

I also have a list of dates (on a separate sheet)

I would like to be able to havelook at each date, identify which "base rate period" it falls under, and create a new column showing the base rate at that date.

Sorry if my question's unclear. I'll happily give more info if necessary.

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You didn't ask me this question - I found it in the question pool. If you only asked one expert, then you won't get an answer from that person. I can give you an answer, but I would need to see where you lists are and so forth. If you want to send me a copy of your workbook I can furnish you the formulas.

send it to (I can appreciate you might have sensitive information - so if you can just send the sheet with just the Base rates and the second sheet with just some representative dates in the correct locations, it shouldn't take but a minute or two to set up.)


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