Forton quartz westminster mantel clock

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Mantle Quartz Fortron Westminster Clock

I have this clock and cannot make it work any longer. I took it to a shop and when I got home, the balls would spin for about 2 minutes and stop. The hands would not move at all. The demo button used to work and you would be able to hear the chime;that does not work now. In essence, nothing is working on the clock. I put in a new battery so that is not the problem. Can you please help me?


Deborah, first, most types of quartz clocks are just not repairable. The are made of snap together plastic parts and use microcircuits for timing. There are no parts or documentation available. The reason is that the labor to repair one of these reliably would usually cost more than a replacement clock. However, there are complete modules available for SOME of the manufacturers models. When I take one in my shop, I have the customer wait while I check the suppliers to see if I can find a replacement. Some units have the rotating ball assembly in the base of the clock which is separate from the top movement unit. Does yours? Others combine the two. Can you email me a clear digital photo of the back of the clock movement? If it has a back cover, remove it first. I might be able to find a replacement movement to suggest to your local clockmaker.

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