French bulldog with black crusty skin eruptions

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Please see the 11/20/05 item about French Bulldog with black crusty skin issues. That precisely describes our 7 year old Frenchies condition. We put him through several rounds of antibiotics. It seemed to help some but would come back quickly when we ceased the antibiotics. We are concerned about the long term effects of continual antibiotic doses. We treated him with Antirobe & Primore on different occasions. It seemed to improve over the winter months but now (July-August) it is full blown again. Input would be appreciated.


Pyoderma is caused by allergies, usually. So even if you get rid of the infection with antibiotics, it will come right back unless the underlying problem is corrected. Some of thee dogs have allergies to pollens, etc., or to their foods. If this is seasonal, then there is something in the environment the dog is allergic to. There are many dogs that have chronic bacterial infections which do not easily resolve, even if we find the primary cause. In these dogs we do 2 weeks of antibiotics and then we pulse the antibiotics by giving them only on Saturday and SUnday. That will keep the bacterial numbers low to help prevent these eruptions.


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