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Good day, I want to identify the SECOND bigger number in a list. The function MAX (=MAX(X$6:X$67)) does the job perfectly to identify the greatest number. Is there a way to tweak the function to obtain the second biggest number??? Is there any other way without going to VBA?.


Use Large Function.


=LARGE(X$6:X$67,1) this will get the result, which max function is doing. =LARGE(X$6:X$67,2) This will get the Second Largest Number in the range. =LARGE(X$6:X$67,3) This will get the Third Largest Number in the range.

Like this change the 1,2,3, to your desired largest no to find.

=MIN(X$6:X$67)This will get the minimum no from the range.

Use Small Function as described above. =SMALL(X$6:X$67,1) =SMALL(X$6:X$67,2) =SMALL(X$6:X$67,3)

Hope this is what you have expected to do...


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