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Good morning

I am trying to give a cell a value when it will be checked off and then once the chart finished, the total will be added automatically. I have inserted a picture of the chart. What I would like (if possible of course) is when people insert an "x" in the box next to the 5, the "x" becomes a value of 5 to be added at the end of the chart.

Is this possible?

for your time.




Here is the way I would handle this.

Somewhere on the worksheet create the formula that would place a 5 a 3, or a 1 in cells that correspnd to the answers, then sum the range of those cells,

For example Assume that the "X" answers to the first question are in cells F1, F2, and F3. To the right of those cells, maybe in column J, row 3 I would put the formula +=IF(F3="X",5,0) In cell J4 I would put the formula +=IF(F4="X",3,0) and in cell J5 I would put the formula +=IF(F5="X",1,0).

These formulas test the cell and if it has an X in it it puts in the appropriate number. AT the bottom of the column J I would sum the numbers +sum(J3:J30)and then transfer the sum to the chart. Assuming the total is in cell J31. The transfer formula would simply be +j31.

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