Grandfather clock, german antique

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I have a Grandfather clock that was purchased in 1953 in Germany. It is a completely workable clock with chimes. I have a picture that I can send you, to give you a better idea of the size and shape. If you know of a collector maybe we might generate an interest as my wife would like to sell the clock.

Thanks for your help. Tom D


If you lived in my area I would examine and make you an offer on your clock. I caution you not to be to hasty to sell. Although your clock seems to have some condition problems I none the less feel that it might be of fairly substantial value. I am confident that were you to do a bit of research you could indeed establish a provenance much to your advantage. To begin you would need to gain access to the back of the clock's movement. This would allow you to read and copy down all the data that is engraved or stamped upon the movements brass backplate. If you are lucky, interpretation of that data will yield a basic history of the clock. Condition is the measure of value. And condition cannot be determined by other than actual on site examination. I wish I could help you, I would hate to see you taken advantage of due to lack of information.


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