Grandfather clock chime off

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I have a ridgeway grandfather clock that was working and chiming every quarter hour properly until I switched it into quite mode one night. The following morning when I switched the lever back to 'chime', it no longer chimes. I can hear it click on every quarter hour yet it doesn't chime properly unless I switch the lever back and forth every time. I also notice that it takes a full hour for the quarter chimes, so 1 hour 1/4 chime, 2nd hour is the half hour chime, etc. I set the clock, took the minute hand off, reset it and it still is not working. Help.


The lifter cam that lifts the chime lever has four points on it. One of the points is higher than the other three. The higher point is for the hour chime. What has happened is your lifting lever has closed up a bit an now only lifts high enough on your hour to actuate the quarter chime. The lever is located on the front of your clock movement and the face must be removed to do this repair. The lever is shaped like a long narrow V. To make it lift higher you will put a pair of needle nose pliers in the space of the V and open the pliers handle pressing the jaws against the inside and spreading it a tiny bit. If you want to do this repair I can tell you how to get the face off. I would like to see a photo of the front of the clock showing the face and wooden frame around it. clock parts and repair


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