Grandfather clocks

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I am thinking about buying a Barwick Grandfather clock from 1968.Is this a good brand?I don't know much about them and I am buying for a Christmas present.


Barwick is an long obsolete product line from Howard Miller

they made the wood case

The Hermle Co in Germany made the movement (all clocks in last 60 years have German movements)

Concern is for the condition of the mechanism - all that old are poor unless they have been rebuilt or replaced- so need to know the history. New movement will cost 400-500 and good for 25 years

How much are you thinking of paying for it and what is said about the condition of the movement??

Barwick from a furniture standpoint was a lower priced product line- the movements were all good quality Hermle. So if it looks good and sounds good- nice--- BUT then I would be concerned about the condition of the mechanism.


I have a 35 year old grandfather clock (Hienz Jauch movement)that has a broked metal piece that the pendellum hangs from - flat metal at ends, pin at the end very thin metal between the two ends. Obviousley I dont know the name any idea what it might be called and where I can get a replacement?


Dan, the part to which you are referring is the suspension spring. I suggest buying suspension springs in pairs, as sometimes they break while installing or bumping or moving the clock if the pendulum is not first removed. Also this gives you a spare to keep in the clock. You can buy these suspension springs from suppliers such as Timesavers. Timesavers has an On-line catalog and you can Google their name. The part number for the Jauch "77" suspension spring is #24688. I do carry some vintage Emperor and Jauch parts. If you need any more information, you can contact me at my shop email address below.


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