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my clock is making a dull thud when it chimes, it stops if I hold the side of the face while it chimes, any suggestions to stop it, many thanks Susannah


hammer heads not hitting the chime rods properly - need to be about a half a pencil width away from the rod when at rest.

bend the hammer shaft with your fingers till you get that setting on all of them, and then try it.

movement may be loose on it's seatboard? two screws underneath hold the movement in place.


I have a GFClock which is about 30years old. Believe the movement is German by Urgos. The small plastic and metal clip that hold the pendelum has broken off-Where can I get a eplacement? Can you help pleasesc


Hi, Antony. In the UK there is a supplier by the name of Meadows and Passmore. You can find them On-line by Googling their name. They should have the part. Most of the suspension springs are made from black plastic. Make sure you have the measurements from the two broken pieces when you contact M %26 P. If you do have any problems getting the suspension springs, get back with me.


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