Grandmother clock from germany

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My husband bought this clock back in the early 1970's in Germany and had it shipped home. He was the primary caretaker of it and so I have very little knowledge of it's workings. He passed away last year and I've moved it to my brother's house. We set it up and now the pendulum won't keep swinging. There are 3 weights on chains, we've got it level, but don't know what else we need to do. Sorry I don't know the make, I cannot find any papers on it. Can you help?


The clock may be "out of beat" which is the ticking sound you hear when the pendulum is swung. An excellent explanation of resetting the beat can be seen here- Or the movement may be in need of cleaning & overhaul. That is typically needed for most floor clock movements @ every 12-15 years. If you have set the beat but the clock still fails to keep running, then it will be necessary to contact a repairman.


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