Grandmotherclock- strikes and chimes

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I have a standing grandmother clock [made from a clock kit about35 years ago]. When it came to me, it was set up to strike the hour and chime on the quarter hour- westminster chimes.The clock was left not to work for about 10 years. I decided to have it work, pulled up the weights and set the pendulum in motion.The clock keeps perfect time , but the two outside weights, I presum are related to the chimes stay stationary and I have no striking or chiming. Can you tell me what to do to set the chimes action in motion ?


surprise anything wored after sitting for a decade.

make sure the heaviest weight is on the right side

make sure there is no lever in the dial on the "silent " position

pull slightly on the right and left weights to make them "heavier" while someone else moves the minute hand clockwise through an hour to see if it will start chiming

left powers the hour strike and the right the quarter chimes

and or call a pro


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