Haid 67 fhs pendulum clock, no chime

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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 07:38 PM GMT


I inherited my father's Haid 67 fHS germany (130cm/128.5) pendulum wall clock and it worked perfectly for years. Recently, I moved and have unpacked the clock, placed it on the wall, leveled it, hung the weights and now it does not chime. I removed it, slid the back open and do not see any means of enable/disable the chime. Please advise about where to look for a fix/solution. Thanks


During the time your clock was not running the lubricant congealed. I would suggest applying fresh lubricant. Use a needle to do the job. Dip the needle into the lubricant and allow a small drop to form. Apply the point of the needle to the pivot. The drop will move from the needle to the pivot. Do this one time for each location. By doing the job in this manner you cannot over lubricate. Be sure to use a quality product. Above all do not use one of the water di9spering products such as WD-40. Regards WJP


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