Hamilton 1050-020 mantle clock

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This clock has been sitting for a while and clock is slow about 10 minutes loss per week. I see the minus and plus marks on the movement but can't see how to adjust.Also the chime isn't working either. I have moved the bar to release chime. Can you help?



The older style floating balance is adjusted in the following manner. While holding the outer rim (6) stationary with your fingertip, use a pair of tweezers to push one of the three prongs on the upper disc (5) toward the + to make the clock run faster or - to slow it down. Each one of the "dots" on the outer rim represents 10 sec./day in time change. You would need to move the prong about 8 "dots" toward the +. If all 3 mainsprings have been wound, the hammers a free to be lifted and it fails to chime, it may be the overall condition of the movement is to the point where it needs to be cleaned and overhauled. This type of movement should have that done every 10-12 years to keep it in working order. It might also explain the time error. If the balance doesn't make at least a full turn when running, that's probably the case and attempts to regulate the time will not be very sucessful.


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