Hamilton wall clock chimes

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My great Aunt has a Hamilton wall clock that we recently shipped from Florida to Massachusetts. Upon arrival it no longer chimed the hours but simply gave 1 chime on the hour. She is blind and it has always been her way of knowing the time by counting the chimes. I understand there is a lever of sorts to control this, but how do I find it. There is only a small hole in the back of the clock and the door in front where the pendulum swings. I can't see any levers of any sort. Do I need to remove the face, and I presume the mechanism from the box in order to find this. Many thanks in advance. Terry Hammar


a lever on the front of the mechanism is not dropping because it is stuck and gummy.

yes the mechanism needs to come out - perhaps a job for a pro?

If you can take the hands and the dial off - maybe you can access the mechanism that way- depends on the case design- if you can --you can fix with the mechanism still in the clock.



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