Hampden molly stark ladies broach watch

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ladies Molly Stark broach timepiece

QUESTION: I recently inherited a broach that was appraised and described as a ladies broach and Hampden Molly Stark watch. The timepiece runs very well, but I don't know how to set it. It looks like a small, man's pocket watch. Can you instruct me on how to set the correct time? Thank you.

ANSWER: If you will please, send me a digital picture of your watch. I will send the picture back with instructions to set your watch. ---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: This is the watch that I inherited and I'm interested in knowing how to set the time. Please see 2 attached pictures. Thank you!


Only one picture came through. It is sufficient for me to explain how to set your watch. First let me say that it is a lovely little thing. It appears to have its original chatelaine pin. Enough of that lets get to the business at hand. As we look at the watch in the same perspective of the picture you will note a notch has been cut into the bezel, (the ring that holds the glass crystal in place) at the 4 o'clock position. Looking closer into this notch you will see a small lever, protruding slightly. Using a fingernail pull the lever out until it stops. Having done this you can now set the watch by turning the winding crown. When the watch is set, push the lever back into the bezel. You are done. This is called a lever set movement, its presence prevents the watch from being accidentally set. Again I sure like your watch.


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