Hands quit moving on my clock

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QUESTION: I have just acquired a Seth Thomas box clock with a balance wheel movement and Westminster Chimes, and everything seems to work fine...except...the hands will work for about 13 minutes...and then when the movement gets ready to make the quarter hour chime...the hands will stop moving although the balance wheel keeps chugging away. Any ideas?

ANSWER: Stop the clock. Remove both hands. Place the minute hand and nut back into position. Start the clock. Does the minute hand travel as it should with the hour hand out of the way? What we are doing here is eliminating certain problems. Another question, does the stopage occur only with the first quarter, or are all sequences involved. Let me know via an addendum to this letter.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The minute hand does travel with the hour hand and you can tell this by manually turning the minute hand around. The issue seems to be at every 1/4 hour when there is just a little more tension, although it isn't much, the hands stop moving but the clock is still ticking away and the escapement is still working properly. It seems to be like a slipping clutch in a car. Any suggestions?


I really cannot diagnose your clock without seeing it. From your definition I would suspect a bent component or more in the timeworks . The time works encompasses the gears and levers immediately in back of your dial that are mounted on the clocks brass front plate. If you are mechanically inclined you might be able to discern and remedy this condition. It would take careful examination and observation of the running time works with the face removed, Actually I would prefer you take it to a qualified clock repair person.


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